Personal Chef

Personal Chef

From meal prep, planning, shopping, and cooking, these are some of the services that chef Francois offer in his personal chef package. He aims to make your daily life simpler, yet more eventful with phenomenal tasting food that will ensure you have either a great start to your morning, a boost of energy to finish your work day, or a sultry end to a nice relaxing evening.

Meal Planning

Meal planning is a key factor in promoting healthy eating choices. By planning out what and when you’ll have for snack and meal time you can ensure your body is receiving the appropriate nutrients throughout the day.

Grocery Shopping

No time to shop? Save a trip to the grocery and let chef do the shopping to ensure the freshest and finest ingredients are used in preparing your meals.

Meal Prep

After discussing the best meal plan for your lifestyle, Chef Francois preps each meal with the proper portions, and ensures to cook each ingredient to its optimum nutritional level.


What’s more fun than getting your favorite dish prepped by an award winning personal chef? Each meal that Chef Francois preps is done so to your liking, with the best, most fresh ingredients, and flavored with spices from around the word. Chef Francois can personalize your meals in home with your immediate family, at any special event like a bridal shower, or for large corporate events.