Restaurant Consultant

Restaurant Consultant

New in the area? Fine-tuning a new menu or revising an old one? Let Chef Francois help your restaurant achieve its goals! Whether you’re an independent operator or national chain, constant and insight is essential to your business. From maximizing profitability to staff management and training, Chef Francois can provide insight for your business today.

Profit and Loss Consultation

As your personal profit and loss consultant, Chef Francois will review your current books, recipes, overhead costs, and monthly profits, and determine ways to help you strategically save money and increase profit flow. Chef Francois will teach you how having a cost effective menu and efficient staff, can reduce your overhead and drive sales and profit at your restaurant or catering business.

Create Menus / Recipes

After Chef Francois analyzes the profit and loss statement with you, it’s now time to get some cost efficient items on the menu! Recipes help control cost and ordering in every sufficient restaurant.

Hire and Train Staff

Need new staff? No worries; let Chef Francois assist you with all of your hiring and training needs! From interns to bartenders, Chef Francois has a data base of dependable staff members, with great customer service.

Assist with Ordering

Maybe ordering isn’t your thing, so let Chef Francois help! Whether it’s setting up spread sheets for weekly orders, sitting down with your food vendors, or even finding new vendors to help cut cost, Chef Francois is here to assist.